Offensive Line and Defensive Line (Check-in -10:00am) - $0.00
Linebackers (Check-in - 10:30am) - $0.00
Defensive Backs (Check-in - 11:00am) - $0.00
Running Backs (Check-in - 11:30am) - $0.00
Wide Receivers and Tight Ends (Group A Check-in 12:00pm) - $0.00 Sold out.
Quarterbacks (Check-in 1:00pm) - $0.00
Please select your primary position from the options above. We have staggered the check-in times by position to allow athletes to complete the combine activities in as short of time as possible.

You can expect all of the combine activities (check-in, interviews, testing, and position drills to last approximately 1 hour - you don't have to be at the event all day!!!)

The time listed is the time you should arrive to check-in.

Please complete the below form to register for the 2018 Tampa Bay High School Football Combine